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Cosmic energy flows in every relationship.


In this study, we focus only on seeing how the light of one illuminates the other and what nuances each one projects. We will see the potential of the couple, the harmonious aspects and the dissonances. This information will help you understand the hidden learning that is in this relationship.


When two lights merge into one, they always shine brighter.


The compatibility study applies to any kind of relationship: commercial, love, family or any other special.


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    "As we know love, we become love"


    — Deepra Chopra —


    The fee for the Sinatry consultation includes preparation time and the report in PDF.


    This consultation is done via email. After receiving your payment and birth information, you will then receive usually within 1-3 days your answer and explanation in a PDF file.


    Exact time, date and place of birth of both partners will be required.

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