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There is a wonderful code hidden among your numbers. A secret vibration that defines your essence and reveals the quality of your consciousness.


Numbers are a beautiful tool for self-knowledge. They show you the true way to achieve the realization of your being. Each number contains a spiritual meaning that evokes energy, which has connotations in our lives and in everything that surrounds us.


The numbers are coded along your path. You can start this journey into deeper self-awareness and discover what motivates your soul, what is the path of your life, your real desires, your secret strengths, how others perceive you, what is your natural brightness and much more.


Align yourself with the natural pattern of the universe and discover the surprisingly accurate truth that numbers can reveal about you.


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    "The numbers rules the Universe"


    ​— Pythagoras —


    A personalized numerology profile reveals your sacred personality traits and the life you are destined to live. It is a wonderful way to open your eyes and understand the person you are and the person you are meant to be. 

    The number in your birth chart express your gifts and teach you how to make empowering decision and take command of your destiny.


    This consultation is done only by email.  


    It is required your full name. Please include nicknames in case you have it and use it. The date of birth is also necessary.

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