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The oracle of the Viking Runes is one of the most accurate means of divination and guidance inherited from the ancient European traditions. They are centers of strength and magical power.


Each symbol is an archetype that represents one quality of the human soul, one cosmic law and a secret force of nature that when combined, indicates the tendency of the events on which we consult. Each symbol involves a specific message, giving no ambiguities of any kind.


They guide us in the processes of internal growth, establishing a bridge of communication between us and the great cosmic wisdom.

Viking Runes

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    Symbols harboring ancient wisdom



    Viking Runes is very accurate divination and orientation method.


    The appearance of a rune during a consultation warns us about what to consider or avoid and, guides us about the trend of the event about which we are consulting.


    The interpretation of the runes is deep and for the correct interpretation, it is important to formulate questions indicating trends, advice, or guidance.

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